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Leap of fortune okeplay777 looks like a fun online slot that isn’t too complicated and looks very inviting. With bright colors and vivid graphics, this is the kind of slot that many slot players can find appealing.

Instead, it’s subtle and feels more natural than others really forcing a theme on you. While it doesn’t offer a free spins feature, Leap of Fortune instead uses respins in the form of exploding symbols, plus a random symbol multiplier that can boost any win. There are also lucky symbols to look out for and potentially very generous jackpots.

Maxwin leap of fortune online slot review

-themes and graphics

When the game loads, you meet a grinning green frog. She sits reel side in a serene garden where lilies float in the water. On the reels you will find traditional fruit symbols along with some nods to a subtle Asian theme. There are koi fish, turtles, lotus flowers and golden frogs, along with multipliers written in Chinese style font. In fact, the main aspect of this slot that fits the Asian category is the soundtrack.

-Leap of fortune game concept

When the game is loaded, you will be greeted with an information screen explaining the features it has to offer. Don’t worry if you’re not paying much attention as you can see more when you get to the main game after clicking ‘continue’. The first place to start is with your bets.

Select your line bet and bet level at the bottom of the reels to select your total bet per spin. If you know you want to bet big, simply choose the max bet option. Decide if you want to use the autoplay option which allows you to set a predefined number of autoplay.

Click the autoplay icon to set this. The main paytable is above the reels, but it’s still worth checking the rest of the game before you get started. Click the information icon to find out more about prizes, rules and features. When you are happy, click the green play button to start the game.

Advantages of playing maxwin leap of fortune online slots

Many players will be disappointed by the lack of a free spins feature in this slot, but there are more features that help keep Leap of Fortune fun to play. The random box sits to the left of the reels and spins in time with it. Each time the reels land, the random square displays a new symbol and the multiplier that accompanies it. If you find a random symbol in a winning combination, you will receive a multiplier associated with it.

The dynamite symbol also appears on the reels and will automatically explode when the reels have stopped. This causes respins of certain symbols which can help create winning combinations. leap of fortune also has a jackpot waiting to be won. It is only activated when you play at stake levels 4 and 8, with the jackpot amount being multiplied by your line bet.


Gameplay slot interactive has created a unique and fun maxwin online slot that is sure to appeal to the majority of people. The lack of free spins is a bummer but don’t let that stop you from giving it a try. Therefore you have to try this slot and get the win.

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